Mens Group

This specific Offering is for Men

who desire to see and be held accountable by other Men

with the intention of being Self-Reliant in their Life and rising up to serve their community in some form.

As we clarify our purpose and safety in our own bodies as Men coming from a place of serving and protecting and never harming; then, we need to put ourselves out there and plant our seeds regardless of who disagrees with us and regardless of who does or doesn’t support us.

In addition, we need to always receive the reflection that Life and the feminine is giving back to us as we grow these seeds and adjust as necessary without compromising. This is an art and no book will tell you how to do this.

Planting Your Truth In the World in a healthy, integral way and in whatever form that takes for you as a man is the intention and this Men’s Group allows you to uncover, discover, and move forward with this directionality.

Seeing other men do this, supporting other men in their process, and being supported in this way is key to cultivating and refining this deeply potent part of being a Male on the Earth today. And this is not only for ourselves, this work will ultimately lovingly impact and support the health of the community — meaning the Women and Children in your Life.

There is a deep need for Men to be together and uncover our inherent self-reliance.

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