Presence and Feeling are Medicine

After having experienced an Initiation Session you are welcome to then commit to working with me at a deeper level over a longer period of time.  What I’ve observed is that presence, feeling, accountability, and clarity all take time to grow on their own accord and the magic shows up based on your level of devotion to learning yourself.  

Phases of growth can happen in many ways.  I’ve both seen in other men and experienced personally, that things start off with a period of cleaning and clearing out, then creating stronger boundaries, and then learning to capacitate and engage with more challenges as your internal world begins to strengthen.  Men grow through challenge and develop and feel their power when they work through what they need to. 

This Mentorship raise the bar on your level of accountability to yourself, living out your purpose, and allows you to explore more deeply the aspects of basic male/female polarity and blockages that are in the way of the natural cycling of this energy.


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